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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hey, It's Ok

So I may have stolen this tagline from Glamour, but y'know, it rhymes and all that!

I've decided to do a few more lists here and there, as they keep popping up all over my Facebook, and to be quite honest, I find them fun :)

So, here goes!

Hey, it's ok....

To still wear the same perfume that you did when you were 18. Why mess with a classic?

To still not like the taste of coffee. I'll have a tea all day everyday thank you very much!

To feel down for no reason. It was ok in your teenage years and it's still damn ok now.

To not want to socialise when it's cold. Did someone say X factor and PJ's??

To buy more home stuff than clothes. Pretty pretty pretty!

To want to put fairy lights up already. You know whats just round the corner don't you??

To want to apologise to everyone that encountered your young, drunk, fresher self. Timehop, you're evil!

To not keep up to date with the news. Ignorance is bliss eh?

To not wash your hair for more than two days. Someone's gotta keep Batiste in business.

To have half as much energy as you did in summer. Did I hear the phrase autumn nap?

To save most of your work holidays for Christmas. Tis the season of course.

To be insanely jealous of girls you've never met on social media. Just remember, you're unique!

To question what you're doing with your life almost weekly. Your 20s are an exciting time huh?

To sometimes not give a shit about anything. Only sometimes though.

To be broody at the sight of any baby, but swear off any talk of having one any time soon. 'I can barely take care of myself you know'...

To laugh uncontrollably at any given time. Laughter releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!

To not really remember that much of the 90s.

To have breakfast for dinner. I'll have my eggs sunny side up my good man.

To really loathe going to the gym.

To not use snapchat anymore. That was a LOT of selfies.

To still wear your uni hoody. Gotta represent!

To think taking up yoga was a good idea but stop after one class.

To want a 'daring' haircut but never go through with it.

To have to be reminded when the clocks go forward/back.

To not really understand what a basic bitch is.

To not know anything about politics.

To fear drinking because of the dreaded hangover.

To wish they did another series of your beloved gossip girl, OC or the Hills. *sigh*

To not have all the same interests as your significant other. That's what friends are for!

To keep the TV volume on an even number.

To finish this blog now :)

Ok, thanks, bye! x

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

25 Things I Have Noticed Since Leaving University!

It's coming up to 6 months since I've finished uni and my life is definitely different now; whether or not this is a good thing, i'm still deciding!

No more are the lazy days or casual 3 hour lunches, looking 'busy' in the library or midday cocktails... The more I think about it, the more I miss the student life :(

AND... lying in bed on Halloween, smothered in Vicks is not how I wanted to spend my evening; however, it did get me thinking (and therefore blogging) of some of the things I have noticed since leaving university. You may or may not agree (probably the latter) but read on... if you dare (it's halloween and all!)

1. Time passes quickly, really quickly.

2. You will always look tired no matter how much makeup you are wearing or how much sleep you've had.

3. You will still eat shit.

4. You will have no time to do anything

5. TGIF becomes the real deal

6. Emailing your friends becomes the norm

7. Going to bed before 10 is acceptable

8. Staying in is more appealing than going out

9. Budgeting becomes a reality :(

10. Yet, you will always have no money

11. But always enough to shop :)


12. You will have no time to shop


13. Weekday drinking will be a distant memory

14. But, so will weekday hangovers :)

15. Sunday is reserved for doing nothing and eating roasts

16. Saturday is reserved for running errands - proper grown up style!

17. You will crave fruit. This is odd but one I have found is true :/

18. You will no longer socially drink coffee. You will crave it.

19. Vitamin tablets are your friend

20. Morning TV is just terrible... (although you probably already knew this one)

21. Your diary rules your life

22. Going to the gym is still a chore

23. The weekend goes crazily quickly

24. You will spend most of your wages within a week

25. You will constantly question what you are doing with your life/degree

I hope reading them hasn't made you think i'm an eternal pessimist... In fact I would like to think I am the opposite :)

There's probably many more, so if I think of them, i'm sure you'll hear from me again!

Until next time kids x
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